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05 February 2024

Imported Japanese Cars: An Audio System Upgrade Guide

For owners of imported Japanese cars, the audio system plays a pivotal role in this experience. However, many find that their vehicles’ default systems don’t quite match up to the Australian standards of digital connectivity and sound quality.

Recognizing this gap, our guide delves into the essentials of upgrading your car’s audio system. From understanding compatibility issues to selecting the right system for your vehicle and navigating the installation process, we cover all you need to know to enhance your driving pleasure.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast ready to tackle the upgrade yourself or considering the expertise of a professional, this article will provide you with the insights to make informed decisions.


Current State of Audio Systems in Imported Japanese Cars

Many imported cars from Japan come equipped with audio systems that are not optimised for Australia’s broadcasting standards or user interfaces. As a result, owners may encounter issues accessing local radio stations or face challenges with operations of their audio systems.

The Importance of Audio Upgrades

A proper audio system significantly enhances the joy of driving. High-quality sound and an easy-to-use interface enrich the driving experience and can increase the vehicle’s value.

The Need for Upgrades

Compatibility Issues with the Australian Market

FM frequency bands

Japanese audio systems do not support Australian AM/FM frequency bands or digital broadcasting, which is a primary reason for upgrades.

Improvements in Sound Quality and Functionality

Modern audio systems come equipped with advanced features such as superior sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration, all contributing to a comfortable driving experience.

Choosing an Audio System

Types of Audio Systems and Their Features

The market offers a variety of audio systems ranging from basic CD players to advanced navigation systems and high-quality surround sound systems. Understanding each system’s features and benefits is crucial.

Selecting a System Suited to Your Vehicle

Depending on the car model, specific audio systems may or may not fit. Choosing the right system requires considering the car’s model, year, and existing wiring system.


The Installation Process

The Basics of DIY Installation

Installing an audio system yourself requires basic electrical knowledge and the right tools. It’s important to understand the precise steps and take care not to damage the car’s electrical system. Common mistakes in audio upgrades include selecting incompatible equipment and improperly connecting to the vehicle’s electrical system, which can lead to additional costs or system failure.

The Benefits of Professional Installation

Professional installation offers accuracy and warranty. Though recommended, be aware that it comes with costs.

At Roundabout Australia, we upgrade to new audio systems for our customers to enhance their car life and reduce post-purchase costs.

Conclusion and Final Advice

Long-term Benefits of Audio Upgrades

A properly chosen and installed audio system increases the car’s value and provides a long-term comfortable driving experience, making daily driving in Sydney more enjoyable and satisfying

For a Comfortable Driving Experience in Sydney

When selecting a new audio system, it’s important to carefully consider your needs, the characteristics of your car, and your budget. The right upgrade can significantly enhance your driving experience on Sydney’s roads.

This article aims to provide comprehensive information for Sydney residents owning Japanese cars, looking to upgrade their vehicle’s audio system. It includes practical advice on selection, installation, costs, and maintenance.


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