Discover 'Carbsc': Your Affordable Car Subscription for Japanese Eco-Cars with Low Maintenance Costs. Ready to Ride?

Carbsc Car Subscription offers access to affordable, eco-friendly cars. Our fleet consists of top-notch pre-owned vehicles, meticulously serviced in Japan to guarantee high safety standards. Enjoy hassle-free daily driving with Carbsc.

Why not kickstart your new car journey with affordable maintenance costs, all while contributing to a sustainable future?


Discover 'Carbsc': A Closer Look at Our Car Subscription Service

Carbsc offers an alternative to traditional car ownership, blending the flexibility of a rental car with the premium experience of a car lease.

Advantages: Why Choose Our Car Subscription Service?

  • More affordable than buying a car.
  • Hassle-free car subscription process. No complicated paperwork required, unlike typical car purchases.
  • No additional costs for road service, maintenance, etc. All inclusive with your Carbsc subscription.
  • Easily return or change your car to suit your lifestyle needs with Carbsc.


  • You won’t be the legal owner of the car with Carbsc.

Adventages of choosing Carbsc

We offer high-quality, eco-friendly cars imported from Japan.

We provide used cars sourced from Japan, carefully maintained and guaranteed for safety. Choose from our eco-friendly selection with excellent fuel efficiency, allowing you to drive while contributing to the global environment.

Car Lineup

NISSAN NOTE e-Power Hybrid

Stay tuned for additional car options coming soon!


Safety and Useful Features, Plus Exclusive Offers

We offer safe and convenient features such as new Dunlop tires, Apple/Android-compatible car player, as well as discount benefits like discount offers for long-term contracts.


Affordable subscription starting from $179/week all inclusive.

Transparent fee structures starting from $179 per week, all inclusive

Price list
  • Registration, insurance and maintenance are all included in the price.
  • Customers are responsible for fuel and tolls.

Compare and Save: Cost Benefits of Carbsc Car Subscription vs. Purchase.

Let’s explore the cost differences between Carbsc and typical car purchases for informed decision-making. When purchasing through financing, you’ll incur interest costs, alongside expenses for road service, maintenance, registrations, and insurance. With Carbsc, customers are spared from additional costs. The subscription fees cover everything, eliminating the need to worry about expenses such as interest, road service, maintenance, registrations, and insurance, saving both time and money significantly.

Cost-Saving Simulation: 3-Year Projection with Carbsc

Monthly Payment

This comparison is based on information gathered in October 2023. Carbsc assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the provided information and bears no legal liability. Costs for registration, CTP insurance, comprehensive insurance, road service, and scheduled maintenance are calculated from independent research.

Monthly Payment Average

Monthly Payment02

Service Flow

Embark on a new car experience with Carbsc in just three simple steps.

1. Select a car

Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your needs and guide you through the process of choosing a car/plan online.

2. Apply through the form or LINE

Apply through the contact form and secure your car by making a refundable deposit, which will be returned at the end of the contract.

Online Negotiations

3. Car delivery

Our staff will provide an explanation about the car upon delivery. Afterward, you are free to drive it!


*Subscription Termination

You can terminate your subscription at any time after the initial contract period. Kindly notify us at least two weeks before your intended termination date.

Please feel free to contact us.


Carbsc is a leading car subscription provider based in Sydney, backed by a reputable Japanese company established in 2023. We offer affordable and flexible car subscription services, ideal for anyone looking to rent, lease, or buy high-quality Japanese eco-friendly cars. Our simple procedures ensure a hassle-free experience, allowing you to drive top-notch vehicles at competitive prices. Discover the benefits of a worry-free car life with Carbsc today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Carbsc

What is car subscription?

Q.What is car subscription?

A. The “Carbsc” subscription service is a new alternative to traditional car ownership. This service combines the flexibility of a rental car with the premium experience of a car lease at an affordable price. The subscription includes all on-the-road expenses such as car registration, damage coverage, servicing, and maintenance, and customers only pay fuel and tolls separately. It also offers the flexibility to exchange or return the car as lifestyles change and there are no long-term commitments.


Q.What is the difference between a subscription and a lease?

A. “Carbsc” subscriptions can be for as little as three months, allowing you to return the car at any time as your needs change, whereas leases usually require a longer term contract. In addition, subscriptions do not require high initial costs, making the service more affordable.


Q. What is included in the “Carbsc” subscription?

A. The “Carbsc” subscription plan includes all costs for car registration, damage coverage, servicing, maintenance, and road service. However, fuel and tolls are the responsibility of the customer.


Q.Is car subscription the same as car sharing?

A. No. The subscription service allows you to use the car exclusively for the duration of your subscription, without sharing it with anyone else. This service allows you to treat the car as if it were your own.


Q.Who owns the car?

A. Carbsc owns the car and pays the registration, damage compensation and maintenance. This means that our customers can enjoy all the benefits of owning a car without any worries.


Q. What kind of vehicles are available for “Carbsc” subscriptions?

A. All the vehicle available at Roundabout.


Subscription Application

Q.Am I eligible for a car subscription?

A. “Carbsc” Subscription is much more accessible than alternatives such as car finance or leasing agreements.

To apply for the “Carbsc” Subscription service, you must have a valid Australian (P2 or higher) or equivalent international driver’s license between the ages of 25 and 75, with no license revocations or suspensions in the past 3 years, no prohibitions against use in ride-sharing services, and a crime in the past 5 years, No convictions for drunk or drugged driving, and no more than two auto insurance claims within the past three years are the basic requirements; if you meet these requirements, you may be approved to participate even if you have a poor credit history.


Q. What background checks are performed when applying for a “Carbsc” subscription?

A. When you apply for a “Carbsc” subscription, an identity and credit check will be conducted. Documents such as utility bills, bank statements, pay stubs, etc. may be requested as screening documents.


Q.If I am not an Australian resident, can I still take out a car subscription?

A. Yes. In fact, we believe a “Carbsc” subscription is the smartest way to drive while visiting Australia. As long as you hold an equivalent international driver’s license and meet the remaining eligibility criteria, you are eligible to apply.


Q.Why can’t I reserve a subscription more than two weeks in advance?

A. The “Carbsc” subscription ensures that all subscribers have equitable access to the vehicle of their choice. To ensure this, we currently allow reservations up to 2 weeks in advance.

If you would like to book more than two weeks in advance, please contact us. We will assist you in making arrangements.


Q.Can I subscribe even if I don’t live in Sydney?

A. You can make reservations in advance not only for those who are already in Sydney but also for those who will be traveling to Sydney in the future.

Payment and Fees

Q.How much does a car subscription cost?

A. It starts from $179 per week.


Q.Is it free to apply for a car subscription?

A. Yes! There is no cost to apply for a “Carbsc” subscription. A $500 deposit is required for all plans prior to using the car. The deposit is fully refundable upon return of the car to Carbsc in the same condition as before the rental.


Q.Are there any ongoing membership fees?

A. No, you only pay during the subscription period. Outside of the subscription period, you do not have to pay anything.


Q. How much is the refundable deposit for a “Carbsc” subscription?

A. The subscription deposit is $500 and is fully refundable at the end of the subscription service if the vehicle is returned in good condition.


Q.What is the payment method?

A. For payment, you will receive an invoice in hand, which will be paid by bank transfer.


Q. What happens if I fail to make a payment?

A. Late fees will apply for non-payment. If subscription fees are overdue for an extended period of time, you may be asked to return the vehicle from your “Carbsc” subscription.


Q.Is there a limit to the distance I can drive?

A. The limit on mileage is 550 km per week. You can purchase extra mileage to top up.


Q.How do I pay the toll during the subscription period?

A. For “Carbsc” subscriptions, we recommend setting up a toll account and installing an e-tag to pay toll road fees and any fees incurred during the subscription. the toll providers associated with NSW are E-Toll, E-Way, and Linkt.


Q. How often are “Carbsc” subscriptions paid?

A. Billing is done monthly and payment is made in advance by bank transfer.


Q.Do I have to pay anything other than fuel?

A. The “Carbsc” subscription includes registration, damage coverage, servicing, maintenance, and road service costs, but you will be responsible for the cost of tolls as well.

It is recommended that you set up a toll account and install electronic tags to pay for toll fees incurred during your subscription; the toll providers associated with NSW are E-Toll, E-Way, and Linkt.

Subscription to Car Related

Q.What if my car needs servicing?

A. Scheduled service and maintenance is only available free of charge at authorised service facilities during the subscription period. You must contact Carbsc to arrange service for your vehicle in advance of receiving maintenance, as indicated on the panel or according to the service sticker on the windshield.


Q.What should I do if I need road service?

A. All subscription vehicles come with full 24/7, around-the-clock road service. If you experience a breakdown or problem with your vehicle, please call Carbsc to report the problem with your vehicle.


Q.What happens if I get a parking ticket or traffic citation?

A. Subscribers are responsible for any traffic or parking fines incurred during the subscription period. You will be notified if you are penalised.


Q.What about fuel?

A. Fuel is one of the few costs not included in the subscription price. When you first pick up your vehicle, the fuel tank will be full, and we ask that you return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel as well.


Q. What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

A. Call the emergency number immediately.
Do not agree to have your vehicle towed by service providers other than the one included in your package. If you agree, you may be responsible for any costs incurred.
If your insurance is being used, be aware that you may need to pay the excess.

Be sure to collect all supporting information, including details of other parties involved, witness statements, and photos of the accident scene. To initiate the claim process for compensation, please contact Carbsc.


Q.What happens if I damage the car?

A. If you observe any damage to your vehicle, promptly report it to our team for assessment. In case of an accident, avail yourself of roadside assistance immediately, as your “Carbsc” Subscription plan includes coverage for such incidents. Damages falling within the scope of the “Carbsc” Subscription Wear and Tear Policy, covered by the vehicle subscription fee, will be addressed. However, repair costs exceeding the limits outlined in the policy will be deducted from the deposit before it is refunded. If the repair expenses surpass the deposit amount, the driver assumes full responsibility. You will be accountable for repair costs up to the specified damage excess amount.


Q.I think there is something wrong with my car.

A. We cannot guarantee that nothing will go wrong with your car, but we assure you that you will be treated fairly. One of the primary benefits of a car subscription is that all servicing, maintenance, and unexpected repairs are included in the subscription. If an issue arises with your vehicle during the subscription period, we will assist you in resolving it.

If we are unable to repair the vehicle within a reasonable period of time, a loaner or similar loaner vehicle may be provided, subject to availability.


Q.Can I get a resident parking permit for my car?

A. We can help by providing you with a letter to send to your local municipality to request a parking permit, but you will need to inquire for yourself before starting your subscription as results vary from municipality to municipality.


Q.What is the minimum subscription period?

A. The minimum subscription period is 3 months. If you choose to exchange or return your vehicle before the minimum subscription period has elapsed, an early exchange or return fee may apply.


Q.What should I do if I damage my car?

A. If you notice damage to your vehicle, report it immediately to our team for assessment. If you are involved in an accident, you can get help right away as our “Carbsc” Subscription Plan includes Roadside Assistance coverage.


Q.Can I go to other states with my subscriber’s car?

A. Yes, you can. If you choose to subscribe to the “Carbsc” subscription, the best car rental subscription in Sydney, you will be allowed to take your car anywhere in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. However, if you wish to travel to Queensland or Victoria, you must request and receive written authorization for a “Carbsc” Subscription.


*The information provided is current as of December 6, 2023. Service details are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for details.


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