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Roundabout sells high-quality pre-owned cars that have passed Japan's rigorous quality control and maintenance standards. We offer a wide range of options to meet a variety of needs, from everyday commuters to reliable commercial vehicles.

Why buy a car from us?

  • Guaranteed Quality and Reliability

    Guaranteed Quality
    and Reliability

    Roundabout provides certified pre-owned vehicles that are serviced by authorised Nissan dealers in Japan. Our maintenance ensures high-quality and reliable cars. This eliminates concerns about quality when compared to other used vehicles in the market.

  • Competitive Price

    Competitive Price

    Used cars in the Japanese domestic market are highly regarded in various countries abroad. By purchasing through Roundabout, you can eliminate unnecessary intermediary margins and acquire a car at an affordable price

  • Well-established Certification System for Vehicle Maintenance
          and Inspection

    Well-established Certification System for Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection

    Roundabout has implemented its own inspection and certification system, with clear records of maintenance history and inspection results for the vehicles we sell. Buyers can find out who serviced their car and what kind of inspections were conducted, making it easier to choose a reliable vehicle.

  • Consideration for Safety

    Consideration for Safety

    In the used car market, issues like fraud and tampering by dealers can be a concern. Roundabout addresses this by exclusively selling vehicles serviced by authorised dealers in Japan, with a particular focus on safety. By offering safe and well-maintained vehicles, we ensure the safety of our customers after their purchase.

  • Transparency and Excellent Customer Support

    Transparency and Excellent Customer Support

    Roundabout's website is designed for end-users in Australia, ensuring a transparent and seamless purchase process. Additionally, our customer support is robust, providing high reliability for post-purchase services. Roundabout builds a direct relationship with end-users and responds promptly to customer requests and inquiries.

  • Transparency and Excellent Customer Support

    Cars supplied by a credible and well-established source

    The pre-owned cars handled by Roundabout are directly sourced from a long-established automobile dealer in Japan with a history of 100 years.Their solid history is evidence that their business has evolved alongside the local community in Japan. Among Japanese companies, only 3.6% have a history of over 100 years, and one of them is our partner.Their experience and expertise will assist you in your next car selection. When it comes to buying a pre-owned imported car in Australia, Roundabout is the top choice, guaranteeing you peace of mind and trust.


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