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22 June 2024

For Sydney Residents! High-Quality Used Cars from Roundabout Australia: The Nismo Note Hybrid e-POWER

In a bustling city like Sydney, cars are invaluable for daily commutes and weekend getaways. However, purchasing a new car involves significant costs, posing a considerable burden, particularly for new settlers or first-time car buyers.


This highlights the appeal of choosing a used car, especially high-quality used Japanese cars known for their durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Yet, buying a used car comes with its risks, such as unclear maintenance histories or potential hidden damages, possibly leading to unexpected expenses post-purchase. Therefore, selecting the right vehicle from a trustworthy source is the most critical aspect of choosing a used car in Sydney.

About Roundabout Australia


Roundabout Australia is committed to providing high-quality used Japanese cars in Australia. We aim to deliver selectively chosen used cars from Japan directly to our Australian customers, offering quality vehicles at affordable prices.

Featured Vehicle: Introducing the Note e-Power NISMO

Model: Note e-Power NISMO

Year: 2018

Mileage: 21,000 km

Vehicle Condition: Good

Maintenance Status: Checked

Pre-export Setup: CarPlay audio, consumables replaced

Sale Price: $25,000 expected

Basic Information and Features of the Nismo Note e-POWER

Body, Suspension, and Chassis Enhancements

The Nissan Note, particularly the 2018 model, achieved bestseller status, selling 136,324 units in one year and becoming the number one compact car in Japan by annual sales, outpacing the second-placed Toyota Aqua by about 10,000 units. Its success was largely due to the e-Power system, a series hybrid system that combines the smooth and quiet performance of an electric vehicle (EV) with the convenience of a petrol car. This system allows the petrol engine to function as a generator, powering the electric motor that drives the vehicle. As a result, the engine does not directly drive the wheels, significantly improving energy conversion efficiency and fuel economy.

The Nissan Note e-Power NISMO further tunes the body, suspension, and chassis for a more Spartan experience.

The Appeal of the Sale Price

The Note e-Power NISMO is set at a sale price of $25,000 AUD in Australia. With a mileage of just 21,000 km, this pricing is highly attractive. Considering it has undergone regular maintenance every six months, the condition and value of the vehicle are beyond its price. The fact that the previous owner used it primarily for commuting signifies maintained reliability and durability for daily use.


This pricing offers Sydney residents an excellent opportunity to own a high-quality used Japanese car. The economy, reliability, and innovative hybrid technology of the Note e-Power NISMO will significantly enhance the driving experience on Australian roads. Roundabout Australia assists customers in making informed choices by offering such high-quality vehicles at reasonable prices.

Vehicle Condition and Maintenance History

Mileage and Its Assessment

The Note e-POWER’s mileage is 21,000 km. Generally, mileage is a critical factor in selecting a used car, but its significance varies depending on the vehicle’s condition and direct maintenance history. Japanese cars are highly valued for their durability and reliability, and proper maintenance can maintain high performance. This Note e-Power NISMO has received biannual regular maintenance, ensuring its good condition.

About the Biannual Regular Maintenance

The biannual regular maintenance undertaken by our mechanics while the car was in Japan was vital for maintaining the vehicle’s reliability and safety. The maintenance history covers various aspects, including engine oil changes, brake checks, tyre condition evaluations, and essential checks on the engine and hybrid system functions. Our comprehensive maintenance program ensures the vehicle maintains high performance and minimises the risk of future significant repairs, making the maintenance history a reliable indicator for buyers.

The Previous Owner's Usage and Vehicle Condition

The previous owner primarily used this Note e-Power NISMO for leisure activities on weekends. This usage information is beneficial for understanding the vehicle’s condition, suggesting minimal extreme driving or use on rough terrains. The regular maintenance also indicates the owner’s care for the vehicle’s condition, assuring the new owner of its reliability for daily use.

Why Choose the Note e-POWER

Environmental Friendliness and Economy

The Note e-POWER balances environmental friendliness and economy with its unique hybrid technology. Its e-POWER system, generating electricity with a petrol engine to power the motor, achieves superior fuel efficiency and significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles. The direct drive by the electric motor, compared to conventional hybrids, reduces energy conversion loss, further improving fuel economy.


Offered at $24,500 AUD, this vehicle is an economical choice for both initial investment and running costs. Its fuel efficiency translates to savings on gasoline, especially beneficial for city driving in Sydney. The Note e-Power NISMO, combining environmental consideration, economy, and performance, is an ideal option for Sydney residents seeking a sustainable automotive lifestyle.

Convenience for Daily Use in Sydney

The compact size of the Note e-POWER offers significant advantages for driving in urban areas like Sydney. Its manageability in narrow streets and parking spaces enhances daily convenience for commuting, shopping, and weekend leisure activities. The quiet and smooth driving experience provided by the electric motor ensures comfortable driving, even in traffic jams.


Additionally, many Note e-POWER models come equipped with advanced safety features, further enhancing driving safety in Sydney’s busy traffic. Features like automatic braking systems and lane-keeping assist support the driver and promote safe travel, making the Note e-POWER a blend of daily convenience and safety, enriching life in Sydney.

Purchase Process and Support

How to Buy from Roundabout Australia

Roundabout Australia offers a transparent purchase process to ensure Sydney residents can easily and securely buy high-quality used cars. For those interested in the Note e-POWER, start by contacting us online or visiting our store. Our expert staff will provide detailed vehicle information, purchase process guidance, and financial planning advice.


Once you decide to proceed, we recommend inspecting the vehicle in person. Roundabout Australia accepts reservations for viewing, allowing you to see the car at your convenience and even take it for a test drive to check its performance and condition. If satisfied, move forward with the purchase process, involving contract drafting, finalising payment plans, and submitting necessary documents. We strive to make the process from purchase to delivery smooth and swift.

After-Sales Service and Warranty

At Roundabout Australia, customer satisfaction post-purchase is a priority. We offer comprehensive after-sales service and warranty plans for all our vehicles, including the Note e-POWER, to ensure peace of mind after your purchase.


Buying a vehicle from Roundabout Australia means enjoying transparency in the purchase process, extensive after-sales service, and a reliable warranty, delivering peace of mind and satisfaction to our customers. Choosing the Note e-POWER from Roundabout Australia is an excellent decision for those in Sydney, offering the best in quality and service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Maintenance Concerns for the Note e-POWER

Q: How should the Note e-POWER be maintained?


A: Maintaining the Note e-POWER is crucial for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. We recommend a basic check every six months or after a certain mileage (e.g., every 10,000 kilometres), including oil changes, brake pad inspections, tyre rotation and air pressure checks, and diagnostic tests for the engine and hybrid system. Roundabout Australia offers post-purchase maintenance services, where our specialized technicians can provide proper care and support.


Q: Does the hybrid system require special maintenance?


A: While the hybrid system is relatively low-maintenance, periodic diagnostics to check the system’s health are advisable. Battery condition checks are particularly important and are performed using specialized diagnostic equipment. Roundabout Australia can provide the necessary maintenance and advice as needed.

Considerations When Buying

Q: What should I be aware of when buying the Note e-POWER?


A: When purchasing the Note e-POWER, consider the following:


– Vehicle History: Check for accident history, repair history, and maintenance records. Roundabout Australia discloses all such information online for transparency.

– Condition Check: Evaluate the mileage, body condition, and interior condition to understand the overall state of the vehicle. Inspecting the car in person provides insights beyond photos and descriptions.

– Warranty and After-Sales Service: Understand the warranty details and the extent of after-sales services, including maintenance and repairs. Roundabout Australia offers comprehensive support to ensure continued satisfaction post-purchase.


Q: Are there any additional costs after purchase?


A: Beyond the purchase price, consider insurance premiums, registration fees, and initial maintenance costs if needed. Roundabout Australia explains these additional expenses during the purchase process to aid in financial planning.

Conclusion: Next Steps for Purchase

The Benefits of Choosing Roundabout Australia

The primary advantage of choosing Roundabout Australia is our commitment to providing high-quality used cars through a transparent process. The featured Note e-Power NISMO, priced attractively at $24,500 AUD despite its 21,000 km mileage and biannual maintenance, exemplifies the reliability and value we offer.


We strive to provide transparent vehicle information, support informed purchasing decisions with detailed vehicle history reports, and offer comprehensive after-sales services. This support system underscores why Roundabout Australia is a trusted partner for purchasing used cars in Sydney.

Upgrading Your Sydney Life with the High-Quality Used Car Note e-POWER

Choosing the Note e-Power NISMO can significantly enhance your Sydney lifestyle. Not only does this vehicle offer excellent fuel and environmental efficiency, but its spacious interior and suitability for urban driving make it an ideal daily companion. The advanced safety features ensure comfortable and secure driving experiences across Sydney.


At $24,500 AUD, this vehicle is a perfect option for those buying their first car or those prioritising cost-effectiveness. Purchasing the Note e-Power NISMO through Roundabout Australia not only guarantees a reliable vehicle but also a more comfortable and economical daily commute in Sydney.


We hope this article has provided Sydney residents with valuable information on acquiring a high-quality used car, the Note e-Power NISMO, from Roundabout Australia, enhancing their lifestyle in Sydney. For those considering a purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact Roundabout Australia.


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