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22 February 2024

A Guide to Buying Used Cars in Sydney: Exploring the Appeal of Cars with Intelligent Around View Monitor

Today, we’re exploring the world of advanced vehicle technology, focusing on the Intelligent Around View Monitor—a game-changer in driving and parking assistance. This feature has rapidly become a sought-after addition in the used car market, offering unparalleled safety and convenience.


We will explain what makes the Intelligent Around View Monitor an essential feature for any savvy used car buyer in Sydney, how it works, and tips for finding the perfect car equipped with this innovative technology. Whether you’re navigating tight urban spaces or seeking extra safety on the road, understanding the benefits of this system can significantly enhance your driving experience.

Around View Monitor

What is an Intelligent Around View Monitor?

If you’re in the market for a used car, consider those equipped with the latest technology. Among these, the Intelligent Around View Monitor stands out as a remarkable system offering incredible functionality.

Front cameras

Side cameras

The Basic Principle of the Around View Monitor

The Around View Monitor is an advanced vision system composed of multiple cameras, including front, side, and rear cameras. These cameras capture real-time images around the vehicle, providing visual information to the driver. Key features include:

Parking Assistance

The Around View Monitor significantly aids in parking. The front camera detects obstacles ahead, warning the driver of any in front. Especially during parking, the collaboration of front, side, and rear cameras accurately presents the surroundings, facilitating entry into parking spaces and avoiding obstacles, thus reducing parking stress. This system proves invaluable for urban driving and parking in tight spaces.

Bird's Eye View

One of its most attractive features is providing a bird’s eye view. The Around View Monitor generates an overhead view of the car, offering a comprehensive perspective of the surroundings, which is particularly handy for parking. This bird’s eye view allows for precise positioning of the vehicle, making it easier to gauge distances to obstacles and assisting drivers in parking confidently.

The Intelligent Around View Monitor displays vehicles and pedestrians approaching in the driver's blind spot at slow speed .

Enhanced Safety

The Intelligent Around View Monitor is a crucial element for improving safety. It reduces accidents and parking troubles, offering peace of mind to drivers. Not just for parking, the system is useful during regular driving. For instance, the Intelligent Around View system in the Note e-POWER sold by Roundabout Australia monitors the driver’s blind spot at low speeds, displaying any approaching vehicles or pedestrians. Additionally, the rear camera enhances rear visibility, increasing safety during reversing.


In urban driving and parking, the Around View Monitor is incredibly beneficial.


The Intelligent Around View Monitor is increasingly popular in the used car market. Wise buyers should consider used cars equipped with this innovative technology to leverage its safety and convenience benefits.

The Value in the Used Car Market

The Around View Monitor is an important factor in enhancing the value of used cars. This innovative technology makes used cars more attractive and can contribute to a higher resale value. Cars with the Around View Monitor are highly rated in the used car market for maintaining comfortable driving and safety post-purchase.


With these advantages, the Around View Monitor is a very appealing option for used car buyers in Sydney. In the next section, we’ll detail how to find used cars equipped with the Intelligent Around View Monitor, so read on to help find your ideal used car.

Finding Used Cars with an Intelligent Around View Monitor

Choosing a used car with an Intelligent Around View Monitor is a wise decision for those seeking safety and comfort. However, finding these vehicles can be a challenge given the diversity of the used car market. Here, we introduce effective ways to find used cars with an Around View Monitor.

Used Car Dealerships

Reliable used car dealers often stock vehicles with the Around View Monitor. They provide detailed information and typically allow test drives. Visiting dealerships enables you to compare various options and find a car that suits you with an Around View Monitor.

Online Used Car Markets

There are many online platforms offering information on cars with the Around View Monitor. Utilise well-known websites and apps, set detailed search criteria, and look for your preferred vehicle. Check photos, specifications, prices, and the car’s history. Many cars sold at Roundabout Australia come equipped with the Intelligent Around View system, ensuring you can purchase with confidence after thorough functionality checks.

Used Car Search Services

Used car search services gather information from multiple car sellers and dealers, allowing you to conduct a comprehensive search. Utilizing these services, you can compare inventory and prices of cars with an Around View Monitor in one go.

Paying Attention to Specifications

When searching for a used car, pay close attention to the specifications of the Around View Monitor. Ensure that the vehicle is equipped with front, side, and rear cameras, check the system’s operating condition, and verify the presence of accessories. Gathering this information helps you find a car that meets your needs.


Cars equipped with an Intelligent Around View Monitor offer innovative systems to ensure safe driving and easy parking. With the right approach, finding your ideal used car in Sydney is definitely achievable.

Maximising the Benefits of the Intelligent Around View Monitor

The Intelligent Around View Monitor provides superior visibility while driving and makes parking a breeze. However, to fully leverage this system and ensure safe, comfortable driving, there are several points to consider:


Understand the System’s Operation: The Intelligent Around View Monitor integrates images from the front, side, and rear cameras to provide to the driver. Understanding how the system works and which camera is being displayed is crucial. Use the manual or online resources to familiarize yourself with its operation.


Utilise During Parking: The Around View Monitor is particularly useful for parking. Always pay attention to the displayed images to avoid overlooking surrounding obstacles and other vehicles.


Troubleshooting: Occasionally, issues related to the system may arise. If problems like a non-displaying screen or distorted images occur, seek repair from a professional mechanic or technician. Ensuring the system’s proper functioning is essential for safety, so address any issues promptly.


Maintenance: Dirty camera lenses can degrade image quality. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep lenses clean and maintain image quality.


Drive Carefully: While the Intelligent Around View Monitor is a helpful tool, it should not replace attentive driving. Always follow road traffic regulations and remain aware of your surroundings. The system supports safety but does not substitute for the driver’s responsibility.


The Intelligent Around View Monitor is an excellent option for those purchasing used cars in Sydney. Proper use and maintenance can greatly assist in enjoying safe and comfortable driving.

End Note

In conclusion, the Intelligent Around View Monitor represents the pinnacle of modern vehicle technology, blending safety with convenience. For those in the Sydney used car market, it’s not just an option but a necessity for enhanced driving confidence and ease.


As we’ve seen, this technology can transform your driving experience, offering a safer and more comfortable journey. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, a car equipped with this system is sure to meet your needs for safety and efficiency on the road. Happy hunting for your next vehicle with the Intelligent Around View Monitor—a smart move towards a safer driving future.


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